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This was entertaining and I enjoyed playing it! 

Don't piss off your cat!

Wise advise, haha! :-) Glad to hear you enjoyed the game!

Really fun game! It's a little repetitive, but there's only two levels to play around in.  Overall 8/10!

Thank you for playing our game! We are currently looking into making more levels!

What a fun little destroy all game! Awesome job, very fun game to play.

Youtuber: ForgedByGames

We are glad to hear you enjoyed it! :-)

Very interesting and fun game, I enjoyed destroying everything in the house for once instead of cleaning up!

I made a video playing your game:

if you want to check, best of luck with your future projects, cheers!

Glad to hear you enjoyed it, and thank you for covering the game on your channel! :-)

Cats are evil.


Thanks for playing!

Amusing but short little game demo. Still rough around the edges since it's new, but if this gets fleshed out into a full game it's something I'd enjoy playing.

Thank you for the feedback! This is probably as far as the game will go, since it was a school project and we have to move on to other studies, but we'll try to incorporate what we learned with this one in our next project!

Made a video


Thank you for playing our game!


I love mindlessly destroying things in games, but this time I did feel a bit bad for our owner... 

Thank you for covering the game! Sorry for the emotional conflict :-D

just done level 1 on this and i already love it really quite funny and it so reminds me of my cat because he can be just like this cat sometimes anyway i'm looking foward to playing some more and having more laughs. all the best :)

Thanks, we're happy to hear you're having fun with the game :-D

Ah ha ha this is a great game nothing beats going around as, a cat breaking all your owners things!

We're glad to hear you enjoyed it! :-)

Such a fun game! I definitely enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing! :-)

This was a great platformer! Especially when it comes to the idea of it. 

Thanks for the feedback, we're happy to hear you enjoyed it! :-D

Hey! Played a bit of this on my channel, that cat is way too adorable. 

Hi there! Thanks for showcasing our game in your video, we appreciate it a lot! And we're happy to hear you had fun :-)

This kitty bites

 ( #`⌂´)/┌┛suck it hipster

----impressions on da game---

played for 30ish minutes in one session and so far I would say it's a fun short game!

The moving around the apartment can be a lil frustrating and janky at times but it is a free game and besides that I thought it was a decent time:3 If you're looking to play something sort of jokey, or wacky then you could have some fun with this. I was hoping there would actually be more levels. Unless the trophy room is an actual level, I assumed that it was more of an achievement thing while I was recording atleast.

anyways, overall I'd give it a thumbs up if all those things sound cool with you!


Hey, thank you so much for playing the game on your channel! It seems you actually managed to run into some bugs we hadn't caught regarding the tutorial getting stuck. We'll try to replicate and fix that as soon as possible :-D

Oh no problem! It was fun time playing  it:3 oh I uncovered a bug? Of course I broke the tutorial somehow with my luck. Glad to help spot a glitch for ya! 

Best of luck on your games in the future, fun stuffs

Thanks! :-)

Hi!! Love the look of this game! Do you think it will be available for MacOS soon? Thanks!

Hi there, and thank you very much! We've been having some odd visual bugs when building the game for MacOS, but we'll see what we can do to fix them- we'll let you know if we get it working!

This was a very fun game and it ran extremely smoothly. The owner chasing you just added to the game even more. Overall a very polished and I hope more people play this. A very well done... :)

Thank you for playing, we're very glad to hear you enjoyed it!


I had a great experience with this game. Mechanics are easy enough to get around. Overall a great game

Thanks for the feedback and for covering the game on your channel, we appreciate it a lot!

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