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verry funny this game ! :D

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So much fun! I understand my cats better now, haha.

lol this game is madness

This was incredibly fun. I'd pay for a full game.

saw a gameplay , this is REAL funny. That's how cats deal with my stuff too! if i can give you a suggestion, maybe give a purpose on destroying everything that only a cat would understand, like "oh that coffee mug took my sleep place, i'm gonna remove it!"

Really fun game. To be a cat and running around ruin everything feels so satisfying. Now I finally understands why cats like to destroy others properties. 

The graphics is cute and the animations good. Nice music and just fun gameplay. Would love to see more levels and even more games like this. 

Hi, I played your fun game here (I just suck at it, lol):

Thank you for playing our game!

This Game Was Fantastic!

Thank you!

You almost broke me 😂 Well done, keep it going!

Thanks for playing! :-)

Loved this, it was so, much fun.

Thank you for playing the game!

so fun!!

Thank you!

Really nice game, enjoyed playing it, only wish there were more levels :)

Good job!


Thank you for playing! :-)

Thanks for making the game :)

Very funny little game I enjoyed it, no wonder my cat breaks my stuff


Thank you for playing the game! :-)

I enjoyed playing this game. I couldn't find a game intresting or fun enough to play on my channel but then i found this one. Who knew being a cat was so much fun.

Thanks for trying out our game! :-)

What a fun little game, I had a great time. Surprisingly therapeutic to just sort of trash a bunch of stuff as well. 


Thank you for playing! :-)


Me lo he pasado muy bien haciendo la vida de un gato, y ahora entiendo por que son tan cabrones y lo tiran todo, y es por que es muy divertido !!!!


Muchas gracias por jugar! :-)

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